Support and care of employees following a traumatic event

Any event affecting the physical or psychological integrity of a person or a group of persons can be considered to be a critical incident : accident, violence, kidnapping, agression, natural catastrophe, serious events.

What's at stake

A crisis will have different impacts:

It destabilizes not only individuals but also the entire workforce.

Management and HR teams feel under pressure, not necessarily having a tested programme to activate and worrying about the correct approach to adopt (what to say, what to do...).

However, it is precisely in these situations that teams rely heavily on Managers to take charge and give support.

Finally, a crisis presents an important risk to the image of a company

In our experience, mismanagement of a crisis significantly increases the risks, whereas a managerial response which is both rapid and efficient not only reduces risk but on the contrary, fosters feelings of belonging and confidence towards the company.


A complete support package is set up which can be activated 24/7 anywhere in the world, in 30 languages.

An executive contract allows us to guarantee both reactivity and efficiency by identifying our contact personnel, training them and integrating the crisis management procedures into the other risk management procedures of the company.

Our objective is to allow the company to benefit from a reactive package which will enable it to take control of the situation.

If triggered, our support comprises the following actions:

  • Managerial support and advice
  • Communicating on the situation internally and externally
  • Advice on team management and particularly sensitive cases
  • Individual and collective support

We intervene on-site or remotely (via telephone or video-consultation).

Our approach

In the case of a critical incident, our assistance programme is above all preventative.

To achieve this, we adopt active assistance initiatives which help to support those who need it.

To respond to each and every specific crisis, we choose, among our network, psychologists whose profiles are the most adapted for support according to criteria such as language, culture and the profile of the persons (managers, spouses, children...).

Our active tailor-made support approach has many benefits in terms of prevention and management of crises:

  • All the impacted personnel and families will understand and remember that their company has looked after them in putting the Eutelmed programme in place. This contributes to reinforcing, even restoring the confidence of the personnel of the company at a time of fragility and fracture which could affect the workforce and sometimes the entire image of the company..

Case histories

One of our clients, working all over the world and particularly in sensitive areas, wished to avail itself of our package. Each area manager (4 main geographical zones) is able to activate our services directly. We have given support in various situations: street attacks, carjacking, kidnap and serious road accidents.

Another client has put in place a system involving voluntary personnel who can be deployed in the case of critical incidents, to give support to victims and families. With this group of 2500 volunteers working in 4 countries, we regularly carry out first aid psychology training sessions. If the volunteers are activated, they benefit from 24/7 individual and collective support.