A doctor treating the expatriate and his family to improve their quality of life

For a better quality of life and performance at work

A GP for the expat and his/her family to care for their health, reassure and advise.

  • Remote access to a dedicated GP for the expat and his family, in own language and culture
  • In 5 languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Arabic)
  • At anytime, anywhere in the world
  • With personalized programmes (case management)
  • Optimizing the moment of departure, anticipating stress factors
  • An individual annual check-up with advice and recommendations
  • Acting as a relay towards complementary services directly via the platform, with professional exchanges on other specialties (dermatology, psychiatry, psychology, neuro-psychology and speech therapy)
  • Online consultations with total or partial third-party coverage

A dedicated innovative service available 24/7 by appointment which completes the healthcare packages offered to expats. For companies and insurance companies, there are multiple benefits including economy, innovation and motivation.

  • Innovative and different
  • Helps towards mastering costs
  • Reducing hospitalization rates
  • Reducing repatriation costs
  • Increasing revenues

All our practitioners are selected and supervised by Eutelmed’s Medical Management and contribute to articles, studies and interviews, to the organization of web conferences and webinars and in general to improving the quality of services offered to the end users, all over the world.

How does it work?

Select your doctor on the platform my.eutelmed.com

  1. Access to the web platform my.eutelmed.com
  2. The employee registers with a specific Family Doctor code provided by the company
  3. Select a doctor from the selected team of the Eutelmed network and answer a medical questionnaire
  4. A first contact between the GP and the employee by video consultation
  5. At anytime the employee (or his beneficiaries) can make requests to the doctor by mail and chat, and consult if necessary on the platform
  6. The care takes place according to the conditions provided by the company's health plan.