Preparation and psychological follow-up to international mobility

Assistance and attention for everyone, management of sensitive cases.

Being expatriated is a rich adventure for those who experience it. Nevertheless, it makes heavy demands on your capacity to adapt, sometimes in difficult situations.

Companies and individuals need to feel secure about their expat projects and the human stakes involved.

To achieve this we propose:

  • Individual assessment before departure and upon return
  • Preparative and transition coaching for the entire family
  • Individual follow-up of expats in sensitive zones
  • Video-conference consultations (access to 6 medical specialties for the entire family covered by the company contract)

We consolidate individual and company aptitudes to manage transition periods. We enhance each person's capacity to adapt to new missions and to his/her new life.

We systematically carry out end of mission debriefings, in the individual’s own language, for the 300 expat members of an international NGO. Intervening in 60 countries, this organization is conscious of the psychological risks which the teams on the ground are confronted with: important professional and emotional involvement, sensitive contexts, isolation and novice expats being confronted with difficult human situations. The company has integrated the Eutelmed assessment package into their global prevention plan to safeguard the health of their expatriated staff.

For a large company with a mobile workforce all over the world, our psychological assessment is carried out systematically for the employee before their departure and proposed to their families. It is an integral part of the health assessment of the individual, wherever in the world the assessment is carried out.

For another of our clients, whose activities take place principally in isolated areas (Africa), we propose individual follow-ups to their expat managers. The confidential personal space that we create enables taboos over difficulties experienced to be eliminated.