From theory to practice, inspired by high-level sport, accessible to all

For a better quality of life and performance at work

High level sports, combining as they do both excellence and demands, consider psychological aspects as:

  • Key performance factors (on the same level as physical, technical and material attributes)
  • A need unanimously recognized by athletes and trainers

Eutelmed is working with the Olympic Federations on setting up innovative programmes in performance psychology.

Our teams of psychologists and coaches, recruited from high performance sports, intervene on the implementation of strategies to optimize performance via tools and procedures elaborated by Federations, trainers and athletes.

A field of intervention from strategies to operations

  • Definition and implementation of intervention strategies in performance psychology
  • Development of methodologies and tools adapted to each sport
  • Intervention in crisis management (collective and individual)
  • Psychological assessment as part of statutory medical supervision
  • Individual follow-up of athletes and trainers...
Assistance in strategic development
  • Identification of psychological aspects in performance
  • Defining concepts and tools
  • Training, informing and following up deployment
Performance support
  • Optimizing individual and collective potential in preparation for major events
  • Evaluating attention strategies
  • Preparing evaluation material
  • Collecting and processing data, individual assessment and recommendations
Crisis management
  • Training the National Technical Committee in management of unforeseen incidents
  • Preparing teams for unforeseen incidents in major events
  • Mobilization and crisis management in case of critical incidents
Prevention and support for Federations
  • Setting up a package of remote clinical care and psychotherapy 24/7
  • Psychiatric expertise and follow-up
  • Standardized psychological assessment for epidemiological follow-up

Supporting the development of a psychological performance strategy within federations

  • Modelling specific psychological skills
  • Defining national technical directives in performance psychology
  • Federal communication on the subject
  • Drawing up training content for trainers (according to level)
  • Deploying training courses on the ground
  • Integrating performance psychology tools into everyday training

Optimization of individual and collective potential in the preparation of important events

  • Evaluating needs in performance psychology in the preparation of major sporting events
  • Defining individual and collective objectives
  • Programming interventions

Assessment and statutory psychological follow-up
In accordance with the Decree of 13 June 2016 concerning medical surveillance of high-level sportspeople, novices and national collectives aimed at tackling psycho-pathological difficulties related to the intensive practice of sports.

Eutelmed proposes, via its network of psychologists by appointment in the surgery or via video-consultation:

  • Standardized psychological assessment for epidemiological follow-up
  • Clinical follow-up and psychotherapy
  • Psychiatric expertise and follow-up